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    Thermal Paper Recommendations
    Information as supplied to us by Appleton Papers

    • Grades ~ Appleton Thermal Papers use the "Alpha" grading system
      The higher the grade, the more sensitive and stable the paper.
      The an "Alpha 300" grade paper would most likely be used for receipts.
      The more sensitive "Alpha 900" would be used medical prescriptions,
      a document that may require a storage life of 7 to 10 years.

    • Shelf Life ~ Storage of Appleton "Alpha 900" thermal paper in a dark place at a relative humidity
      between 45% and 65% and a temperature of below 77 degree F (25 degree C) will assure
      satisfactory performance for at least three years from the date of manufacture.

    • Stability ~ Once "Alpha 900" Thermal Paper has been imaged on the recommended equipment,
      Appleton Papers expects the image will remain legible for at least seven (7) years, assuming
      the documents are properly stored with compatible materials under normal filing conditions,
      with a relative humidity between 45 percent and 65 percent, as well as a temperature
      below 77 degrees F (25 degrees C).

    • Fade Resistance ~ "Alpha 900" Thermal Paper uses dye and co-reactant technology
      to form an image. The combination is slightly sensitive to Ultraviolet (UV) light and
      may exhibit some image decline with extended exposure to office light or shorter exposure
      to intense UV light. The stability of the image will depend upon the degree to which the image
      was originally developed, the intensity of the UV light and the character of UV
      (percentage of UV range in the light source). Background discoloration may also occur with
      prolonged exposure to UV light.

    • Contact Storage ~ We recommend that Thermal Paper not be exposed
      for long periods to certain vinyl plastic shrink wraps, adhesives, wet-toner copies of
      certain carbon papers.

    • Appleton Papers ~ for additional information on Thermal Paper Products manufactured
      by Appleton Papers, please visit the Appleton Papers Web Site

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